Biodegradation Testing


The pattern of oxygen uptake– relative to that for a control substrate – gives a measure of the rate and extent of biodegradation of the organic constituents of the test sample. In this case, samples #2 and #3 showed a much lower biodegradation rate than the Control

Nitrification Testing


​This case study shows how respirometers can be used to measure the impact of an industrial wastewater on the nitrification reaction in a treatment plant.

In this case, samples containing up to 60% wastewater by volume showed evidence of nitrification inhibition.

Denitrification Testing


Anoxic denitrification requires the presence of an organic substrate to serve as an electron donor.

This case study shows how respirometry was used to determine the effect of C/N ratio on denitrification rates. Such testing can be used to determine optimum internal recycle rates or supplemental carbon addition to biological denitrification plants.

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