About Us

Our team members have over 90 years of combined experience with the design and operation of respirometer system and application of respirometry to assessment of wastewater treatability and diagnosing wastewater treatment problems.

Our scientists and engineers have three patents on respirometer design and have published over 100 articles and one book on respirometry.

Our team members have provided training to over 100 users of respirometer system throughout the world.

We have also partnered with EnviTreat, Laboratory,  LLC – which has 12 years of experience with conducting respirometer tests for clients throughout the world (see: www.envitreat.com).



James Young


Jim has over 50 years of experience with respirometers, written over 150 papers, and holds three patents of respirometers.



Bill Moore

Marketing Director

Bill is in charge of sales and has been training and installing respirometer systems for over 20 years.


Mike Ruff

Senior Production Engineer

Mike has been in charge of design and production of our respirometer systems for the pas ten years.

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