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The PF-8000 Respirometer System

PF-4000 and PF-8000 Respirometers

RSA’s PF-4000 and PF-8000 (pictured above) Pulse-Flow respirometers are designed specifically to measure oxygen uptake for aerobic biological reactions and gas production from anaerobic and anoxic biological reactions. Modular system design allows easy expansion. The 8-position PF-8000 units can be expanded easily to 16 and 24-position units. The 4-position PF-4000 units can be expanded to an 8-position system. 

A few of the applications of the pulse-flow respirometers are:

· Biodegradation Assessments
· Activated Sludge Respiration (ASR) Tests
· OUR Fingerprinting (OUR Respirograms)
· Biomass Activity Tests
· Extant Kinetic Measurements
· Performance Evaluations
· Toxicity Assessments
· Short-Term BOD Measurements

Our Team

  • Our team members have over 80 years of combined experience with the design and operation of respirometer system and application of respirometry to assessment of wastewater treatability and diagnosing wastewater treatment problems.
  • Our scientists and engineers have three patents on respirometer design and one application underway and have published over 100 articles and one book on respirometry.
  • Our team members have provided training to over 100 users of respirometer system throughout the world.
  • Our associate laboratory – EnviTreat, LLC – has 12 years of experience with conducting respirometer tests for clients throughout the world (see:

See our team...

Book: Respirometry for Environmental Science and Engineering PDF Print

Book: Respirometry for Environmental Science and Engineering

by: James C. Young and Robert M. Cowan

Book covers:
• Fundamentals of respirometry
• Features of commercial respirometers
• Applications of respirometry
• Biodegradation Kinetics
• Respirometry for activated sludge process control
• Treatability testing

Click link below to find out more and purchase book directly from publisher.